It’s also worth noting that many pregnant women who wish not to be pregnant are vulnerable people: in medical danger, having experienced a sexual trauma, or being simply ill-equipped to become a mother. There are special medical insurance and healthcare opportunities for other vulnerable people – like Medicare Plan G for senior citizens, as an example.

The prioritization of medical care and access for the elderly is great, but we work to put pressure on policy makers to prioritize medical care and access for women – no matter what their circumstance. Treating abortion like it’s a medically anomalous procedure reserved for loose or irresponsible women ignores all of the cases in which abortion is advised and performed by a doctor as a last resort.

We seek to destigmatize women’s healthcare, including abortion and birth control, to the degree that healthcare for the elderly, children, and women can all be discussed in the same breath with the same nuance.
Whether you’re looking for reproductive health for yourself, general care for your advanced age friend or family member, or vaccinations for your child – healthcare that is advised and approved by a medical provider should be readily accessible to you, politics aside.