Our work is not just about counseling woman who are considering abortions, but also the entire family. While it is the women’s ultimate decision, we know that these decisions can bring up complicated issues for women and their families.  

First, we help women get the support they need for that day. This could include arranging day care for children, getting a doctor’s note to miss work or school, and setting up transportation.  

Next, we know that abortions can put strain on relationships so we offer resources to mediators to help work out some out of those issues. We also may refer families to therapy to look at some of the larger issues in the family and why this event caused so much stress.  

We also offer family planning classes and education for those who may not understand why how the right to choose is not a selfish cause.  

Our goal is to support women and their right to choose, but we also believe in supporting the communities women hail from and making them a safe haven for their choices.