At Pro Choice New Hampshire, we are committed to helping women make the best and right choice for them, whether that is abortion, adoption, or having the baby. We do not discriminate based on sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, disability, or gender. Our only mission is to best serve the residents of New Hampshire when it comes to choices about their reproductive health.  

One of our main projects is offering counseling to women who are pregnant about their choices. We lay out each option, without judgement, and allow them to decide what is best for them. For women who have already had abortions, we connect them with licensed professionals to help them with an emotional or mental health issues they may be dealing with.  

For women who do decide to have an abortion, we walk them through what to expect in the days before the surgery, the day of, and the days after. We help arrange daycare, transportation, and notices of leave to school and work. We even escort women to the facility if they have not already made arrangements. After, we call to check on the women to make sure they are alright and if they need any other assistance.  

We also offer family planning and reproductive health to both women, families, and young people. These education classes include resources on how to access birth control, condoms, and STD medications.  

Lastly, we advocate for the support and protection of the right to choose at both the local and state level. We are working with lawmakers across the state and in Congress to ensure women’s rights are upheld in all laws and policies.  

This is just a bit of what we do. Feel free to connect with us if you want to learn more.