Jessica is the mother of four kids, ranging from 6 to 10 months, and recently found out that she was pregnant with her fifth kid. This news devastated Jessica because, while she loved her children, she had severe complications from her last pregnancy and was afraid for her life and her baby’s if she went through with the pregnancy. A friend referred Jessica to us, and she came to us one day looking for help.  

Jessica knows some English, but she is much more comfortable in Spanish, so we set her up with a Spanish-speaking counselor who could ensure that Jessica fully understood all of her options. After sitting down the counselor, Jessica made the decision to have an abortion, but she was very afraid of what her husband much think. So, the counselor, who is also a licensed family therapist, agreed to see the couple together and help Jessica tell her husband about her choice. While he was angry at first, with the counselors help, Jessica was able to explain to her husband why this was the best choice not just for her and the baby but for their entire family.  

The counselor then arranged for a volunteer to look after Jessica’s children as her and her husband visited the clinic. She also paid the family a visit a week after the procedure, and both Jessica and her husband expressed gratitude for being able to know their options and make the choice that was best for them.