Sometimes on this blog we will be sharing stories of our real clients so that our readers can get a better idea of the work that we do. We change the names and details of these patients, but they are their real stories.  

Dana just turned 18 when she found out that she was pregnant. She is a freshman at a local university and met a cute boy at a party. She wasn’t in a relationship with this man, actually hadn’t seen him since the night of the party, when she noticed that her period hadn’t come on time. A pregnancy test revealed her worst fear.  

Dana was very overwhelmed about being pregnant, and she came to us to see what her options were. We sat Dana down with one of our counselors, and slowly walked her through all of her options. The counselor was patient and gentle with Dana, and we gave her the information to review on her own, telling her to come back in a few days. Dana did that, and she met with her counselor again, she had come to the conclusion that she wanted an abortion. Being so young and not involved with the father, she did not think this was the right environment to bring a child into. Because of Dana’s age, she does not need to get permission from an adult to seek abortion, so the counselor set her up with an appointment and helped Dana reach out to a friend come along with her.  

After the surgery, the counselor called Dana to see how she was doing. She was emotional and in some pain, but ultimately feeling like she had made the right decision. The counselor told her that it was natural to feel the way that she did referred her to a therapist and a doctor.  

Dana had such a positive experience with our organization that she is now volunteering with us as a campus ambassador, passing out brochures and condoms to students.