Each January, cities across the U.S. host Women’s March to uphold and support rights of women and denounce any policies, government action, or intent on destroying already established rights or further halting the progress of women. These marches started in response to the election of Donald Trump to protest is outright disrespect and disregard for women, and they have become a movement in of themselves. A great criticism of these marches is that they are not entirely inclusive, particularly of women of color and transwomen.  

Another argument is that Women’s Marches are not friendly spaces for women who are anti-choice but supportive of other women’s rights, such as equal pay and equal opportunity? Can one anti-choice activists be feminists and do they have a right to be Women’s Marches?  

A major pillar of feminism is protecting women’s right to choose and allowing women complete and utter control of their own body. In order to uphold women’s rights, one must believe that laws and policies regarding women and their bodies should not be passed, enacted, and followed. While there are many other important issues regarding women’s right, this is the one that can have serious and deadly effects on women if laws like Roe Vs. Wade are not upheld. Women may die if they are not able to access abortions, and giving the power to lawmakers is a symbol that women’s own decisions do not matter.  

The Women’s March began stands for a variety of women’s rights, but the absolute most important one is a right to choose. If organizations cannot support that fundamental right of women, then they do not belong at the march and they are not truly respective of women’s rights.